Dealing with Toxic People

Toxic people are everywhere. But unlike a lot of other negativity, toxicity can be both hard to spot and even more difficult to deal with.

Here are a few traits to recognize toxicity, and a few strategies for overcoming them.

Traits of Toxic People

🚨 They believe success is something that happens to you through outside circumstances, rather than made inside your own brain and manifested through your own growth mindset and work ethic. 

🚨 They choose superficial, surface level displays of live rather than doing what truly matters. An example here would be cooking a large meal full of expensive food but not being there emotionally for you when you need it. 

🚨 They believe you owe them something 

🚨 They drain the energy from everyone around them by constant negativityβ€” complaining about something, gossip, fixation on a problem rather than a solution. 

🚨 They are pessimistic about the future and do not believe they can change their status in life. Toxic people are ultimately hopeless and a slave to their own limiting beliefs. 

🚨 They make you prove yourself to them and project everything as being about them. They think if you break dinner plans, it is an insult to them even if you are sick.

Steps to Dealing with Toxic People


You deal with situations better when you are in a high energy, good mood.  Knowing that you will have an interaction with a toxic person can be draining – so PRIME THE PUMP.  Pre-wire your state so that you can enter the situation with positivity and energy.  BE READY.  You want to be able to seal with things from a place of POSITIVITY.   Meditate, listen to high energy music – whatever puts you in a PEAK STATE! 


Recognize toxic behaviors and be aware.

Be assertive and communicative that you do not allow toxic behavior in your life. Form whatever boundaries you need to, and communicate those in advance. Toxic people like to control the environment, do not let it happen.

Life is too short and you only live once.  Do NOT allow toxic people to zap your energy or make you feel down.


People do not respond to aggression, yelling, threats or accusations.  Above all else, stay positive and be the bigger person.  PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE OF POSITIVITY FOR THEM.

During Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins tells the crowd not to argue with people when you return to your life. People are going to say his beliefs are a cult and that you’ve been brainwashed. Tony’s advice was not to argue. Don’t try to educate. Just love them, and the example of love and positivity will provide an example for them to follow. Same advice applies here.


Talk about it with the people around you – there is strength in a tribe.  COMMUNICATION πŸ‘πŸ» IS πŸ‘πŸ» EVERYTHING πŸ‘πŸ»  Talk to those around you that you love. If people are going through the same roller coaster of emotions, talk about it!

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